Our Services

We are able to advise on how and where work should be placed and what would be most suitable for the situation. We are always able to provide a solution if working at height or in awkward sites and will use specialist equipment where necessary.

No commission is too large or too small - please contact us and we will arrange a site visit if required. We will then be able to discuss your needs on a personal level or produce a method statement if the installation is on a larger scale. We will advise on the most suitable hanging system necessary for the installation of artwork and can supply security fittings if required.

Health and Safety procedures are followed at all times whether we are working in the public or private sector or in your own home. We are insured for all aspects of our work.

We work with discretion, quietly and quickly though with great care. There will be very little disruption if work is to be carried out in office hours though we are able to install after hours, through the night and at the weekend if necessary. We ensure that all areas in which we work will be left clean with no trace of working materials, dust or other debris created by the installation.

When necessary we will arrange framing and transportation of work to and from the site where it is to be installed.