Our Services

We are able to manage all aspects of your project whether you are arranging an exhibition, installing art in the work place or in a private home. We will carry out a site visit and discuss the project with the client before providing a working statement illustrating how we will proceed.

We can organise the careful packing of artworks by ourselves or by other professional art handlers. This might involve protective materials for short journeys or making crates or frames if artwork is to travel longer distances or overseas.

We are able to advise and organise the transportation of work supervising its safe delivery whether this is in the UK or abroad.

Storage facilities can be arranged for collections or individual works with humidity controlled environments, fire zoning and 24 hour surveillance and security.

We use specialist art insurers to advise our clients about insurance whether it is for exhibition, in office environments, public areas or in the home.

Clients often contact us when work has been damaged, needs to be cleaned or conservation reports have to be carried out before exhibition or movement of the work. Once we have assessed the situation we will, where necessary, recommend an appropriate conservator who will then visit the site and advise on the most expedient way to proceed.

We have many years experience of installing work whether in galleries, at art fairs, in offices, hospitals, schools, stores, clubs, private homes whether on a permanent or temporary basis. We install work throughout the UK and abroad.

We look after private and corporate collections and offer all those services we describe above plus regular condition checks, cataloguing and archiving of all artworks.